Watch Out For the Monday Blue’s

It’s Monday again. Monday has become the beginning of everyone’s week, and thus is also the worst day of the week for many people. I know for ministers it is one of the hardest days. We have just spent a weekend pushing ourselves, putting out more energy than on any other days of the week. I have been told by some that preaching one sermon is as tiring as an 8 hour day working the fields. Now that I have been in ministry nearly ten years, I can relate to that very much.
When I was early in my ministry work, still part-time, I had a pastor offer me advice. He said, ‘Many pastor’s take Monday off. Never do it. Satan attacks the hardest at our weakest point, when we have put out for the Lord. Work through, and don’t give Satan a foothold.”
I have learned to work through Mondays. They are still the hardest day of the week. I don’t schedule a lot of tasks that will bring me down, and unless it’s an emergency I don’t visit with people who tend to suck the energy out of you. Instead I review my weekend, straighten my office, write, file, and visit people who are upbeat and positive. I often call and talk with my best friend a pastor in Indiana. We share the blues and the joys of the weekend. Sharing with my friend brings encouragement to both of us.
Don’t let Monday’s suck your Joy. Overcome in the Joy of the Lord, which is our real strength.

– Keep enjoying your life’s journey
Dan Shipton


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