Joy From Helping Others

Joy comes often from reaching out to others around us. I recently was able to help out at our local food bank. I was given the pleasure of meeting and helping some wonderful people who are living a little tight with their budget at this time. It was a true blessing.

It wasn’t too very long ago that my family and I were between ministries, living with family, and struggling to try to make ends meet. God has since chosen to bless us with the ministry here in Clifton, and opened a job opportunity up for my wife. Having the chance to help others going through where we recently have been brought a true peace and joy to my soul.

God has opportunity all around us to be able to bless others. If we are feeling a bit depressed or like life is just way to hard to try any more, I would suggest getting up and helping someone else. In helping others we will lift our own spirit and the blessing will be returned to our heart. I encourage you to find ways to reach out in your area of the world. You could visit a nursing home, visit an elderly neighbor, mow someone’s lawn, help at a food bank, or even help at a homeless shelter. Just show love. In being Chirst’s hands to the world God will bless your heart.

— Enjoy your life’s journey



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