Life Is But a Fleeting Moment

We have all been reminded this week of how short life really can be. James wrote in in his book, the fourth chapter, that we should not boast about the future. He also said, ” What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. ” (4:14b) We all make plans and dream dreams, and yet sometimes all our world is suddenly turned upside down. That is what is happening in our small community this week.

Yesterday, a young man of fifteen was tragically killed in a farming accident. I do not know the family personally, but I know some of those who were there and who are close to the family. I am new to this community, which is very close to one another. This tragedy will touch everyone. It will make many both young and old contemplate the reality of their own lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

I pray today that it doesn’t destroy, but that it builds the people of this community. I pray that the God of mercy and peace will surround the family, friends, and young people around. In His strength I pray that the family and community will be more united, and see God’s larger purpose of life for us all.

Let us enjoy the pleasures of the Lord while they last, for our brief time on this planet will someday pass by. Let our lives be blessings to others by the words we say and the deeds we do.

— Keep on the Journey



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