Living Freedom that Lasts

It was two-hundred and twenty-two years ago that our nation declared interdependence from tyranny, oppression of high taxes, and lack of religious freedom. What have we done with the gift given to us by the blood shed by our forefathers?

Freedom according to is based on physical or philosophical freedom. In other words we can be free from restraints upon on our physical life, or it can be a freedom of our mind. Interestingly enough much of what our forefathers fought for in the way of high taxes is now mute in our nation, where we pay more in taxes today than they paid in the colonies. This physical freedom is challenged daily, and yet we remain physically more free than in nations where people are jailed and tortured with no trial or representation by oppressive leaders.

The freedom of the mind, the soul, and the heart is a much better freedom. This freedom holds free even in the most oppressive situations. In our Christian faith history has proven that people have always been willing to suffer and die in the physical. In the Scriptures we are told to fear not men who can kill the body, but the one who can send the soul to Hell. Our freedom in Christ is eternal, and flows from inside of us. It is a freedom of heart, soul, and mind. Freedom to worship, as Paul and Silas did in prison.

Live free in your faith in Christ today, and always.

– Enjoy the Journey


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