Never Stop Telling Others

I was reminded again this weekend why we never stop proclaiming the hope of Jesus Christ to the world we are living in . I was led Sunday to speak from 1st Peter chapter one, about hope in Christ. I also was led to stress the importance of following Christ with our own life.

The Saving power of Christ moved in the service leading a woman to come step out of her seat. She left her cane behind her, and slowly worked her way to the front of the church for prayer to begin a life of following Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for His Spirit to call to our hearts still.
She was weak in the flesh, but her heart was so moved by the call to follow Jesus that she broke down in tears to accept Jesus as her Lord.

When preparing the message I felt that God was going to lead someone to His family, but I would never have thought it would be a woman who was already coming to church, and who seemed to be striving. This is the second older person who had been in church for some time who has come to the Lord in my ministry. The former woman was in her 70’s and was even a member of the board of the church I was in at the time. She had come to the reaization that she had never really given her heart fully to Christ. Praise God she heard his call and came.

Both of these women, who were much older than myself, remind me that we can never stop telling others. We can never hold back God’s message of love, hope, and mercy. It also reminds me that those who may need it most may not be as far away as many of us in the walls of the church may think. Some may be sitting right next to us in the pew. Others may be a stone’s throw from the door of the church. Where ever they are let us never grow tired of telling people about Jesus Christ and his desire that we all learn to “come and follow” him.

— Keep on the journey of life with Christ


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