Watch What You Say!

Jesus told His followers that we are known by our fruit. It is so true. I have been working through the book of James in the past few weeks, as I read through the beginning of chapter three I was reminded of how hard the tongue is to tame. This seems to be one of the hardest areas of people to change from bad fruit into good.

We may over the years grow and stop using language, which is vulgar offensive, or rude. However, many people are still destroyed by what comes from their mouths. It may not be vulgar, but it may be words that are hurtful, destructive, rude, or spew forth anger. I was recently reminded of this during a conversation with a friend. What I said was neither vulgar or what people would say was bad. We were talking politics, which always is dangerous, and I realized that what I said would have seemed offensive to some people if they had heard it. There were only two of us there, and my friend agreed with me. This didn’t make my soul feel better. I realized what is said no matter if in public or private should really be thought through and done with clear conscience.

The problem with the words spoken in haste, or the spur of the moment is that once they come out the can not be returned. There is an old saying that you may “eat your own words”. This can be a fact for many of us who may be great believers in faith, but offend by our strong views. We must wrap all our words in Jesus Love. God is always looking and listening, and He will judge the fruit coming from us for what it really is.

Keep walking the Journey with God today
— Daniel Shipton


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