Try Something New

Recently we have been going through a minor worship change. Really it is a preference versus desire issue. It may also be a preference versus ability issue. In the end it becomes more apparent that we do need to improve the worship. Many would like to institute a worship team. In this area we have a drummer or two, but little else.

In an effort to hope for the future I have done what many in the past have done. I have taken the task of learning to play a guitar. While I don’t think I will be able to play in public for a while I am learning a new apreciation for the task of playing and learing new music.

Sometimes if we would step into anothers shoes and try something new we will leave with a perspective that helps us to understand and relate to them better. In my case I am willing to find others to work through for worship for the time. We are never asked to be perfect, but only to give our best.

God help us all to try new things and learn from life all that we can.

— Enjoy the Journey



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