Plan to seek God’s Will

In James 4:13-17 , James encourages the believer not to brag about the future. This is a wonderful instruction for followers of Jesus at anytime. Too often we make plans to do things, go places, and accomplish a great plan. The problem is that we never consult God on our plans. We are actually just boasting about our own ideas.

There are times when our ideas and God’s ideas are in line, but the only way we will truly know is if we ask and seek Him in prayer. I have often heard people say ‘ Lord willing I will…’
We must be careful here as well. Some people throw the words ‘Lord willing’ onto a plan hoping that God will bless it, just because of the words. The reality of what James is encouraging us to do is not to just take on the thought, but to seriously seek God’s will in all situations. We can only truly be blessed if we are living in God’s will.

Keep seeking God for your life, and the journey you are on with Jesus Christ. He will guide you if you will listen.

— Enjoy the journey



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