Eternal Legacy

Eternal Legacy
By Daniel G. Shipton

In Deuteronomy 6:7 we are encouraged to be diligent in train others in the ways of God. This is important to focusing others on living for an eternal legacy.

The room was filled with tables of various items of trinkets and utensils. Some were useful for cooking or mending, while others were simply for decoration. Old pots and pans, Christmas ornaments, and needles thread and more. Like walking through an antique store, we each looked closely at each item to find a precious prize. This was not just a trinket or tool to us it was a memory of grandma, who had died six months before.

My father and my aunt decided to let each member of the family take time to choose the item that they would best like to remember grandma with. We gathered for a family meal to keep the family ties. During the evening we all had time to study the things grandma left. Though most were old they were not worth much by value in the way of a sale. To us; however, they were precious memories with great tales.

We each shared memories tied to many items found on the table that day. An old peanut can was open, and we could smell the familiar aroma of wax crayons we all had used at grandma’s house. There lay her old rolling pin, which she used for baking biscuits and making her noodles. The bowl and spoon my brother now has, which were always on the table. The spoon is worn and flat on one side from the years of stirring on the stovetop.
I am sure that if someone outside the family had stopped by that evening they would have thought we were all a bit crazy. What value is there in spoon or a bowl? How could someone want an old can of crayons? The value was in the hands that had used them and the life of the woman who had lived. They were a part of all our lives, as she had always been.
Family is a legacy that each one of us has a part in. Our legacy beings with us, but it can grow through family and friends. I have what I feel is the most valued item from grandma and grandpa’s life. I was given their Bible, which to me shows the real legacy of their lives.

My grandfather died over twenty years before my grandmother, and she had a couple other bibles. However, she used grandpa’s Bible more than any other. I am sure it was the memories of him reading it daily or studying the words inside. She told me that I reminded her of him, as he read and wrote notes inside the margins of the old Bible. The cover is worn and tattered a bit, but grandpa’s name still can be read on the cover. Inside the pages are notes and papers from grandpa and grandma’s hand.

The legacy most important they left came not from the things they made or the gifts they gave. The most important legacy of all was in the life they lived. They taught a family the importance of Christ, and loving your family first. It was a legacy that lives on in the children and generations who follow. They live on not only in the family that they left, but in the people who knew them well.

They both had taught in Sunday school much of their adult lives. I still recall sitting beside grandma, as she prepared her Sunday school lesson for children. The old Bible lay open beside her notes. They can of crayons sitting beside. She was diligent in preparation of carrying God’s word to touch other’s lives.

I hope I can be an influence on others with my faith. I hope one day that I too can leave a legacy in my place. I am not rich, nor famous in life. I know the way to live. It’s all about focusing your life on Christ and sharing the journey with others. The most important thing any of us can leave is the message of God’s Love. Be in Him in all that you do, and let the legacy of Christ live on. This is the way to share in the eternal legacy, where life doesn’t end, but goes on.


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