Priase God for a Good Year in 2006

I think we have a lot to praise God for. I know for my life this past year has been filled with great ups and downs. The 2006 began with saying goodbye to friends and a church family that I had ministered to for nearly three years. There are many who will always remain dear to my heart.

With the breaking of spring my family and I found ourselves living in a new home, a new state, and a new church to minister in. It was a new start, and our church has been wonderful in making the transition great. We all often say that it was God who brought us together. Prior to arriving both the church and our family had went through a year of hardships, and it seemed that we were there to help one another move on.
Much of our work here in Clifton has been preparatory, in healing and moving on from the past. This fall we have studied Nehemiah and Ezra. We focused on rebuilding toward a future. I think God is beginning to take us into that future.

I see a future of growth and abundant blessing here at the Wesleyan church in Clifton Illinois. I have begun to share some of my vision of a church that will minister to whole families, and to the whole individual. I believe that Jesus came to teach, heal, open up people spiritual, to help us grow in their faith walk, and to mature to a point of sharing His message with all who are around us. We must strive to make mature Christians a goal. God will bless the mature believes with growth and ministry opportunities in abundance, we just must be ready to move at His direction.

God help us see and move always in Your way.

–Keep on the Journey,
Daniel Shipton

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