Merry Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight….

Wonderful words for this busy season of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and extra services and activities at the church. I recently was talking with another member of the clergy who said he couldn’t wait until the day after Christmas, when he felt he could truly enjoy Christmas. It’s true we live busy lives, and there is always something putting more demand upon us this time of year. We can sometimes tire of doing good, because we simply just tire out.

This Christmas take some time away from all the busy planning and workd, and just sit back and enjoy what the holiday is really for. Some of my favorite things to do over Christmas happen on Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning. I like to sit in the silent with just the tree lit, and think about the Birth of our Lord. I ponder how the glory of God came into the darkness of our world and warmed our lives with His Light of Hope.

Fellowship of parties and worship together are wonderful. Giving gifts of love may have meaning for years to come. Yet, it is when we sit and think on the best gift of all, our salvation and hope in Jesus Christ, that we can best enjoy Christmas.

God bless and Merry Christmas to all,

Daniel Shipton


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