Fasting To God

Fasting to God

I felt called of God to calm myself from my daily routine and fast this week. It is not the first time I have fasted, and I have listened to others share the reasons for fasting. Many people seem to accept that when you are in need of an answer from God you should pray and fast. We do know that from Jesus words on praying for the removal of demon possession He said “This one comes out by prayer and fasting.” However, is fasting really about seeking God’s answers. That is what I set out to find out.

I decided that listening to others wouldn’t be the right answer to my question. I instead took out my reference Bible and looked up fasting. I then read the entire chapter surrounding verses on fasting. I have come up with some wonderful conclusions.
First, fasting is not about seeking answers from God. In fact there are only a few references where people fasted specifically to get answers. We can find that some were appointed by Paul and Barnabas after prayer in fasting in Acts 14:23. Yet, when Paul and Barnabas were appointed it was not that they were seeking God’s approval. The appointment of Paul and Barnabas to the mission field came because they were already praying and fasting.

In Deuteronomy chapter 10 verse 20 says to “fast and cling to the Lord.” In reading the whole chapter we see that fasting was just supposed to be a natural part of life. The people of God were to set aside time to fast unto the Lord. There is no indication that it was to seek a special favor of God. Through out the Old Testament fasting appears mostly to be about setting time aside for focusing worship upon God, and not upon seeking anything for one’s self. This really stands to reason, since fasting is about setting aside our basic needs for the higher need of closeness to God. In fasting we are removing all else, even the basic’s of food in favor of time with God.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan to make the stone into bread He responded, “ Man does not live by bread alone, but on the word of God.” Jesus shows that our relationship with God is most important, and above all.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider how spending some extra time with God would benefit your life. Maybe it would be to fast a meal, meals for a day, or fasting involvement with things that distract you in your everyday. Set time aside to focus upon God and let God speak to you as you relate to Him.

God bless your Journey with Jesus,


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