Worship God Alone

I really enjoy worshipping Our God. There is joy in singing praises and hymns that speak of God’s greatness and love. When we pray and speak to the Creator of all things it is wonderful to thank Him for all He has done, and all He will do. Sunday mornings I enjoy the time spent together in corporate worship.

I also enjoy spending time in Worship to God alone. Although I do love worship and praise music, sometimes just sitting alone after reading a passage of Scirpture lifts my soul to a place closer to God. I hear the words spoken by the Scripture and meditate upon them, letting them saturate my whole mind and soul. To worship God alone is wonderful.

I often take at least one morning a week to myself just to pray and praise God. Alone. It is often in these still quiet times when I find myself led to a stronger sense of bringing God into corporate worship too. I think we need times of worship alone with God. It’s just us and our Father in Heaven for just a little while. What is truly amazing is that the Father of all still has time for each and every one of us.

— Keep on your Journey with Jesus

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