Good Friends in the Lord

The writer of Proverbs said, ” A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” It is a real blessing to find a close friend.

Men often struggle in making true solid friends. We often have those in our lives who we call friends, that are really acquaintances. A true friend sticks by you through the hardest of days and is there to celebrate the greatest joy. They will listen to you in your trials, and you will console them in their woes.

Men like to try to stand alone, but the fact is that we all need help through out our life. Yes, I agree with most people that our spouse should be our closest friend. However, I also think that if we have a strong friend to rely on in all times our families will be stronger. There are times we need someone who can relate to us. Another person of our same gender who can help us face the world around us.

I have been blessed with such a friend. Duane and I have known each other 11 years this month. We met, as I became youth pastor in a church where he attended. Today we both serve in ministry and we lift one another up in prayer, and care. We are there for each other through any circumstance. Although we live three hours apart we still encourage and help one another. Our families even vacation together at times, and celebrate holidays. In an average week we speak at least three times by phone. With my own brother I speak maybe every two months.

I thank God for a friend, who does stick by me. I hope you find someone who you can trust with your life, and face life with in the future.

Keep on your Journey with Jesus,


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