The Joy of Youthfulness

I wish to thank my church for the wonderful surprise party they gave me in respect to my birthday tomorrow. I am blessed by such a great group of people. The teens especially wanted to show their love. They wanted my office safely protected. This morning my enjoyment continued, as I cut my way into my office through layers of shrink wrap that wrapped in a web like way around my office. The web of shrink wrap and duct tape went around my doors, to the light in the center of the room, around my desk and the four chairs in several tightly wrapped layers. Then within many of the layers I found books and office supplies carefully packed to hang suspended in air.

I thank the youth for their love, and feel blessed to that God has brought me to such a wonderful and fun group of people. The Clifton Wesleyan Church is a great family.

– Enjoy your journey with Jesus today.

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