Barren Fruit

I sit and watch the tree in our back yard. The wind blows through the barren limbs, as they wave over the snow covered ground. Winter’s death grip holds the tree in a suspension of life. There are no green leaves, no buds of life, and no fruit hanging from the tree.

Not long ago the black walnuts of the tree fell to the ground, where they gathered in a hard rock like pile. The squirrels took most of the nuts to bury and hide for this wintry time of year. The fruit is gone. The limbs are bare, and life seems far away.

Many people live their lives in a state like our black walnut is in now. The are spiritually dead, with no sign of life at all. They live their life going through daily motions that appear to be life, but there is no fruit. The Bible tells us that just as a tree is known by it’s fruit, so to is a persons life know by the spiritual fruit they show.

Spring will come soon and bring new life to the tree, and it will again bear the fruit of the walnuts to feed the squirrels. In our lives we can be brought to new life as well. Jesus Christ came to the earth from heaven to die on a cross and pay the penalty of sin for everyone who would believe. In Jesus Christ we have new life waiting for us. In our new life in Christ we can bear spiritual fruit that last an enternity.

Are you alive today? If not stop right now and ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you walk on in New Life. Then find a good Church of Christians who read and believe the Bible, and let them help you to grow. Feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will pray for you in your Journey with Jesus.

— Enjoy your Journey with Jesus today


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