Jesus Loves All

Jesus, while eating at Matthew’s home, told the pharasee’s that He had not come for the well but the sick. Jesus spent most of His time with the sick, the poor, the spiritually lost, and the outcast of society. He not only spoke to people who were ignored by society, but He touched them physically.

I think of those with leporsy who Jesus reached out and touched. These people were not only cast out of normal society, but they had to tell others to stay away, for fear of contracting the disease. Yet, Jesus reached out and touched these people. It must have been wonderful to feel the touch of anothers hand for the first time in possibly years. Just to be made to feel worthy by Jesus. The the miracle of being healed only added to the blessing.

Jesus loves everyone, and He reaches across all societial barriers to touch us all with that love. We are equal in the eyes and hands of Christ. All people need His love and His salvation. We who know this love should reach out to those in need around us and break barriers to knowing Jesus in our society. Let Jesus guide you to love others, with the love He gives to you.

— Keep on the Journey with Jesus today.


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