Life is Fragile

Life is so very fragile. I visit through out my week with many different people, who have various roles in life. There are some people who are just joining together to form a family, and others who are approaching the end of life. I have become a good observer of people and the driving spirit that keeps them going. Family seems to be a big key for many people. They feel that they will be able to face anything, as long as their family stands beside them. There are others who have little or no family, and they rely upon the church family to be their family support in times of need.

People need God, of that we must all be sure. However, we all need to feel the presence of others in our lives. We may feel that sitting and visiting for some time in a nursing home, hospital, or at someone’s home really will not matter. That is far from the truth. Time matters to the youngest and oldest in our communities. People may know God cares and is in control, but they need to know they are cared about from other people too.

Make time this week to share some time with others who may not have loved ones near by.

– Keep on Your Journey with Jesus

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