The Strength of Trusting Christ

Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Paul penned these words, while writing to the Philippians to thank them for their support of him. They had been with him in support, in both the good and bad times. Paul said prior to this verse that he was content in any circumstance. His contentment seems to be built upon the fact that he knew where real strength resides. Real strength is in Christ.

I have learned over time that we must rely upon God fully at all times. A year ago my family and I were in between ministries. I had left our former church in January, and God had placed three opportunities before me. One opportunity was a small rural town in Ohio, one a church plant, and one a rural community in Illinois. Each church had it’s own reason to go. The fact was that God told my wife, Becky, and I to pursue meeting with only one church, here in Illinois.
Prior to meeting with this church we had three months of wondering how we would pay the bills, where we would go, and what the future would hold? In general we were in a time of waiting and concern. Yet, we trusted God to care for all our needs. We were content with saying no to the first church offered, because we felt in our hearts that God was telling us not to go. When His time and place was right we came to visit and candidate at the Clifton Wesleyan Church.
Learning to be content is never easy. The times we are in waiting can often be most frustrating in human terms, but we must learn to trust God. The plans of God are worth waiting on, and we can trust that He is in full control. Know that no matter what you face today. You can do it in God’s Strength.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today


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