We Need to Keep Praying for Each Other

I have a very close friend who ministers in north-central Indiana. We have know one another for more than 10 years, and our friendship continues to grow. We often call one another and share our weekly ministry woes. God often brings to mind to pray or call, and when we call we find that there is a need.

Our God is wonderful and He knows that we all need friends, who we can turn to in times of need. For many in ministry finding a person we can truly be our selves and open up to often is difficult. A true friend, as David said, “is closer than a brother.” They will pray for us and help to carry the load of life.

It is wonderful when we have a need to be able to call and know others are lifting our needs to God. It is also wonderful to lift the burdens of others up and help to carry the load of someone else in the prayer we may give for their need.

Pray with out ceasing, and keep lifting others in ministry where ever they may be. We are in a battle, which only can be fought in the prayers of God’s people.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today.


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