Reach Out In All That You Do

The teens of our trip will be rising at the crack of dawn tomorrow, to hit the road by 6:00 a.m. They, their adult leaders, parents, many individuals of our church, and myself have worked hard. They have had fundraisers, tool training sessions, dinners, baby sitting services, and much more to reach the financial goal. Now is the time to pack up and head out. The mission work ahead of them is through Group Works, where they will join some 400 other teens and adults to help people in home repair in Red Lake Minnesota.

We pray God’s blessing, as they use thier time and talents to bless others with the love that God has shown to them.

We all should find ways to reach out where ever we can. While many of our teens leave, many of the adults have been making a float for an upcoming parade. We are also begining to solidify plans for our VBS which will start in August. A Summer of Busy outreach always has great reward for the kingdom of God.

– Keep on your Journey with Jesus today


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