Extraction Is Sometime Required

I use the term extraction, but you could also say cut away. Paul would say “die”.

I had a tooth extracted today, which is a painful process, especially after the anesthetic wears off. However, this evening I know that this pain is much better than the pain I had in a tooth, which had broken. To remove the pain permanently I had to have the broken, and diseased tooth removed.

Paul tells us in some of his epistles to die to sin, in order to live. This is really a fact of removing the sinful attitudes and desires from our heart. We may remember them in our mind, but they do not have to have a hold on us. We should look at past sin as dead, diseased, and thrown away. Our desire should be to do good.

God help us all to put past sins behind us and to live in your direction and blessing every day.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus


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