Giving Christ Authority With Your Faith

Matthew 8:5-13

Jesus is visited by a Roman centurian, who requests healing for his servant who is back home. In the conversation with Jesus the man says he is not worthy to have Jesus come to his home. He also states that as a commander, he has authority to tell his servants to do jobs, and they must do them. Then he compells Jesus to help him, by simply commanding it to be done.

Jesus is overwhelmed by the man’s faith and states, “I say to you I have not found such great faith in Israel.”

The centurians faith was based in the recognition of Jesus’ authority and power over the need that he had. Being a leader himself he knew how authority works, and he knew that he personally did not have to be present for a job to be done. This Roman leader, who could have ordered Jesus to his home, instead comes recognizing Jesus’ authority over his need.

Many people hold needs today, and they feel helpless. Yet, Christ still has authority in all situations, if we will trust Him. Two little letters, I F; seem to prevent us from letting our faith give Christ authority in our need.

I challenge you to give your need to Christ, and trust Him. You may be asked to streach and grow in your life through the process, but you will know the blessings of Jesus in your life.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today


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