July a month of Outreach in Clifton

July was an extremely busy month for the Clifton Wesleyan Church family, and I as pastor was no exception.

Our youth returned from Red Lake Minnesota, where they had worked with Group Works on helping to build porches, paint, and many other need areas. They went to help renovate homes, and renovated their own lives. I praise God for the way He is working in our youth and their leader, Brenda.

In the middle of the month was the Village of Clifton’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. We were all kept very busy all weekend. The whole churched pitched into the men’s & women’s Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser on Friday. We praise God for the $964 for missions that was raised, and for the opportunity to get into our community where everyone was.
Saturday brought the parade, the largest parade the community has ever had. We had a float, passed candy and labeled water bottles, and had a great time. We had people dressed in attire from various eras over the last 150 years. Many wanted to know what we would do for next years Village Homecoming.
Sunday I entered a BBQ contest in the park, and many of our church family came down to visit and support. I didn’t receive any award, but to me the greatest reward was just being there. They did announce who I was and what church I pastor.

All the out reach has helped keep the positive nature of our church in the foreground. I praise God for this most of all. People from 15 miles away came to the dinner, because they have heard positive things about the work our church does. I have lived in the area only one year, and people I don’t know came up and said, ‘hello, pastor Dan.’ I know we are not about works, but about faith. However, we as churches must always keep ourselves well involved and visible in our communities. First impressions often come long before a person even walks in the door of the church.
Keep reaching in your town with the love of Jesus.

– Keep on your journey with Jesus today.


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