In Your Examination, Be Ready To Stand In The Gap

Beware. A serious look at yourself, or you church may cause you to stand in the gap. After spending two weeks compiling, reviewing, and studying the past 13 years of our church here in Clifton Illinois I was struck with the need to go to prayer. Although I have only been here for just over a year, I am the leader.

We are given Godly examples of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and many others who were moved by their situations. The response of these men was not to ignore the past sins, mistakes, or missed opportunity of their people. It was instead to stand in the gap, as intercessors.

Some may argue that it wasn’t their fault. Others may say, “I am not responsible for what happened before my time.”

Yet, when Ezra arrives back in Jerusalem, and finds that people have intermarried he is driven to mourn. He tears his clothes in morning, and prays for the forgiveness of the people (Ezra 9). Daniel at the end of the 70 year exile reads the promise of God to Jeremiah about the 70 years. Instead of celebrating that people will return home, he is driven to pray for the sins of his people past and present.

We who are in leadership are the key. If our people will see ourselves humbled and moved by the situations, just maybe they will be moved to sincere repentance as well.

It is not easy to stand in the gap between God and humanity. We will get pinched, as people who resist God press upon our lives. We will be tested by Satan, as he tries to draw our attention away from where God is leading. However, if we will seek God with our whole heart, God will bless us with His strength, and help.

See your life in reality. Seek God wholly. Hear Him clearly.

— Keep on your Journey with Jesus today.


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