Rejuvinate Your Life

We all have times when we need to get revived. It may well be that we need revived emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Often it is very hard to revive alone.

Yesterday I went out to my van to drive across our village. When I turned the key nothing happened. The battery was dead. This is much what is like when we are in need of a rejuvenated power. Our battery is dead.

Maybe you have been through some emotional strain in your life. When we face difficult times such as a loss of job, strained relationships, or any tough decision we may well become emotionally drained from the experience. For many people, they just work themselves to the point of exhaustion. In our spiritual walk we can drain ourselves by giving, sharing, and witnessing, with out refreshing.

I did get my van to jumper cables and my other car. We had to wait for ten minutes for the charge to raise my battery power to the point of turning the engine on. It was just drained, and needed help getting started.

If it is physical weariness you suffer from, rest may be the answer. How much sleep do you get? Are you running with out resting? Sometimes we think that we can go and not stop. The reality is that God created us to be people who would stop for breaks and rest. Rest is a command of God in Genesis. God worked 6 days and the seventh he established as a day of rest. If you’re working too much, stop and rest.

If you are under too much emotional stress you may need more rest too. More important you must realize that you are part of the human race, and we often need the help of another. I couldn’t have started the van with out the second car providing its power. We must learn to accept the help from others in facing the trials of our lives. Solomon, in Proverbs, speaks of the “friend closer than a brother.” We all need people that we can trust to help us through the difficulties of life. We also must be willing to share in the trials of others, and be there to help them along this journey of life.

What about our spiritual lives? What do we do if we are spiritually tired? We must hook up to the power source, which is God Himself. We must take time to read our Bible, meditate upon its words, pray, and rest in the Lord. If we get too drained, it just may take a few days to really revive. This may mean that the five or ten minute daily devotion will not get you through. Give God time to rebuild, refresh, and renew your soul.

Take a break. Take a rest. Be revived.

— Keep on the journey with Jesus today


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