A Stretch of our Faith

In Mark 9 Jesus comes off of the mountain top of transfiguration with James, Peter, and John. The other 9 disciples are arguing with scholars and people, over not being able to heal a boy. Jesus takes control of the situation and expands the faith of everyone there.

Sometimes we all face challenges, and individuals who really don’t want us to succeed at what God is calling us to do. They watch and wait for us to slip up in failure, or for our prayers to not be answered. Jesus is the answer to every need though. He was the answer to the boy’s needed healing. More importantly He was the answer to growing the faith of the boys father, and the disciples.

The father said, “I believe. Help me with my unbelief.”

This may be our feelings in asking for God’s help, especially if we feel we are praying as a witness to someone else. God will expand your faith, as you trust Him more and more with your needs.

Keep on your journey with Jesus today


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