Move Forward in the Lord’s strength

Moving forward in our spiritual lives, takes courage. I am learning more and more to trust our Savior for strength and direction in my life. In the past four months I have had to make some decisions in regard to my future. Do I stay, or do I move on? Am I the right person to lead this congregation forward, or is there someone better suited to lead at this time? Can I make the needed changes in myself, and lead the needed changes with in this congreation to see a bright future here?

I would love to tell you that God revealed some great and wonderful vision, but that would not be true. What I have been given is encouragement that I can continue, and that He will be with me every step of the way. Challenges are not sent our way to destory us, but to make us stronger. I see challenges ahead to reach the goals that God is placing in my heart, both for the church and for my own life; however, my God is sufficiant to meet all my needs.

He can help you too.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today

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