Our lives are a portrait

I am including a picture, a doodle, which my son Matt drew last night. If you look close there are 8 faces, hearts, dice, and a multitude of other items. I actually turned the paper around several times, as I sat studying it this morning. I amazed me at how many things appeared in the drawing.

Our lives are really like that. There are many parts to each one of us. Some of the things that make us who we are, may not seem important to us. Some things we would rather that other people never knew. There are the times when the pressures overwhelm us and we feel that we would just rather forget. We may feel our life really has no beauty at all.

In the hands of God this jumbled mess, begins to take shape as a beautiful portrait. He can see all the details, mistakes, and victories. In the end what God is looking for is the complete picture of who we are, and in His skilled hands we can shine brightly.

Let God take all the pieces of your life today. He can see the masterpiece within who you are, and He can mold your life into a beautiful thing.

– Keep on your journey with Jesus today.

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