Follow the Leader of the Pack

I was really hit hard this past week with an illustration of who we should be as leaders. I was reminded of watching sled dog races through the down town streets of Marquette Michigan in the middle of February. The thought of a sled dog team, reminds me of the church. You see I am doing a study on Joshua, and I realized God didn’t call everyone to be the leader. He only called one. The rest of the people were just a part of the team. There can only be one lead dog in a pack of dogs.

When a pack of dogs run they move when and where the lead dog directs them. The real difference between the lead dog and the rest of the pack, is really his concentration on listening to the Master’s call. It is by voice commands that the Master gives commands to the team of dogs. The lead dog knows the Masters call, and how to set the pace for the team. We, who are leaders, must do the same thing. We must spend much time with the Master, Jesus, and lead the people forward in our churches.

I also came to realize something else about this leadership call. If you are going to move a sled, then you need sled dogs. I have had an Alaskan Malamute as a pet, and currently our family owns a Bird Dog, and a Beagle. I love the Beagle, and the Bird Dog is okay. However, you couldn’t pull a team with a Beagle, because their nose leads them. They run with their nose to the ground and follow trails where ever they may go. A bird dog hunts and runs more by sight. When I walk the bird dog he runs from one side of the road to the other, because he turns almost every time he sees something that moves. Sled dogs, especially lead dogs, face forward into the direction the master has said to go.

Keep your focus. Listen to the Master’s call and direction. Lead forward into the vision God is giving to you.

— Keep on your Journey with Jesus today

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