Leading Through the Brokeness of a Call

Standing alone is never easy. It is never easy to face a room of people, whom you think understand your position, yet begin to take sides on an issue. While God tells you in your heart and mind, “You are doing the right thing. I will take care of the hearts of people.”

The scream with in me wants to shout to God, “But why is it always me who has to have the insight and stand alone in the pain.”

“My Child, all are in pain. Just listen, and let me work through the pain with all of you,” is the response the heart hears.

I know in these moments that I am not alone. I know that taking a stand before others, who can not see, or can not understand what God is leading in your own heart, is hard. I know that God is with me, and that He is leading me on this path. Is there pain? Yes, but there is pain when we undergo any procedure, no matter how small. The same is true in church, and emotional situations. There is, and there will be pain. Wounds will form, but we can poke and fester our wounds, or we can turn to the Great Physician and let Him heal our broken hearts.

–Keep on your journey with Jesus today


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