Leadership In the Crosshairs of Life

We loose respect as leaders. Sometimes by what we do, but more often just for being who we are. I recently heard a group of people cutting down their priests, and pastors. I being a pastor was hurt. It has been a rough time for me, and hearing the words reminded me that it isn’t just me. No. In fact their is growing respect for leaders from our president to our local government officials. Ministers are fair game in the process of complaining about leaders.

It hurts, but it is a fact of leadership. When you are out in front people will take shots at you. There is little respect in our society, even in the area of religion.

I am reminded that there really never has been. Moses, was rejected by the people every time life got a little hard. The greatest leadership example of all was Christ, and He definitely was attacked by those whom he was leading.

We must trust God to hold our heart and protect our soul. We must find ways to trust and move forward through the hard times.

— Keep on your journey with Jesus today.

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