Breaking the Doldrums of the Holiday Stories

Holiday’s are difficult for many people, and my personal experience as a minister is that they are difficult for me too.  Many people think that we as ministers should love the holidays.  After all, isn’t the meaning of a holiday really, holy day?  Shouldn’t we ministers love holidays?

The holidays have lost their luster over the years.  When I was a child, and even a young adult I was excited about the holiday’s.  I looked forward to the joy of sharing with others.  However, now I often look forward to them being over.  The rush of people, and the busyness of getting special services and extra meetings and plans seem to drain away the joy.  Then there is the demand of extra services and knowing that people often visit more in church during the holidays, so we have to get it all just perfect.  I often tire of trying to make sermons fresh from something that has been preached by every pastor and priest for over 2000 years.

This week I was reminded that some of the reason we do the things we do as ritual are there, because some still may not know.  An older retired pastor shared in a conversation about trying to  do new things in our schools.  He said his question was whether we needed fresh or new ways of teaching math for the students or the teachers.  After all, to the student it is new, because they haven’t done it before.  That left me thinking, for many people sitting in the pews of the church who haven’t grown up with the stories and traditions the stories we share are new.

If your struggling with having to face a crowd of people with what you think is the same old message, remember while methods change daily, the great message and hope we have in Jesus is just as relevant today as it was when Jesus walked among the people of Palestine.  May God help us to be refreshed in His blessings, so we can share the truth in the energy of newness every time we share.

Be blessed as you serve him on life’s journey.


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