Refreshing Your Spirit Through Serving

By R. Dune Cragun

I like many of you sometimes feel a little beaten down in our role of ministers. Dealing with People spiritual needs and earthly needs, teaching, preaching, counseling, and if you’re a Bi-Vocational pastor, working both in and outside of the church, and also trying to have a family life as well. It can sometimes leave us worn out. Well I discovered something that, even though I am still serving others lifts my spirit high. Wondering what it is? 

It is simply this. I have been blessed to assist an origination for people with disabilities. Let me back up a bit. My son, Ryan was born with Cerebral Palsy, he used to be able to walk, but has lost that ability and need someone to assist him in simple things like getting on the commode. He attends work shop and day services for people with disabilities, every Friday night through the colder months they meet at a local alley and bowl. I take my son and I assist him with the ramp he pushes the ball down and such things, we have done tis for near two years now, we also help by being chaperons for trips to events and such. Through this “extra work,” as some might think. I have discovered very genuine loving people that want just one thing, to be liked and in return they like you back. They have touched my heart in so many ways. 

One young man while on a trip to a botanical garden, while I was walking and pushing my sin in his wheelchair and talking to him, walked along side us and he loved the attention I was giving him as well as my own son, he and my son talked and laughed, and soon, even though this took time from my day started laughing right along with them. You see in there simple conversations and smiles, I am reminded that we are to come to the Father, in just that way, simply and smiling because we totally trust and enjoy being with Him. This isn’t something I learned in Seminary, but rather with two fellow human beings walking in a garden enjoying Gods creation and a good conversation. In short my friends, take some time and help someone. Get involved with those who maybe over looked by society today go and be a friend to someone and I think you will discover the Lord there in their smiles and total acceptance of you. I will write more about how to serve these in a later edition. 

God Bless

Duane Cragun


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