A New View

By R. Duane Cragun

Have you ever done something that was just dumb? I did the other morning. I woke up in my normal morning haze and went to put on my glasses, even though I was reaching to the wrong side of the bed, I did not think about what I was doing. In fact, to be totally honest, I was only thinking about what all I had to do that day. I really wasn’t that excited about what looked to be another routing day. Well that was until I put on my glasses and looked around, WOW! Things looked odd, you see I had put in my wife’s glasses these small things fit very snug on my head and, I thought, she must be blind, I couldn’t hardly see anything through them. As I took them off rubbing my poor strained eyes, and then getting my own glasses on, I thought that’s better and it hit me. Sometimes what we need in our normal routing of life and ministry is to have a change of perspective. Just as looking through my wife’s glasses made me appreciate my own glasses, and vision better, so can taking a different perspective of what we do in the ministry and in our life give us a better understanding of the things we are dealing with.


A good example I knew a man that was a truck driver. He would tell me about his daily life and I would pray for him, but I did not fully understanding the stresses of his occupation that was until one day I sensed the Lord telling me to ride with him for a day  So I sked him if I could ride with him and he checked to make sure it was OK, I talked to his employer and signed a release form so they would not be responsible for any accident that may happen to me, then the day came and I got to ride. Through that experience, my perspective of what he life was like changed. I now could better understand the stressors in his life, and I was better prepare in how to serve and pray for him. By the way another aspect of my perspective being changed was that his employer, who was a little hesitant at first, had his perspective changed about ministers, after asking why I wanted to ride along, he was surprised and pleased that out of my being better able to care for his employee, he would have a better equipped person working for him. And the man I road with had a new perspective of my as his minister changed as well.


Maybe we should all be praying for a new perspective on the things we deal with all the time, and see it through fresh eyes. Lord allow us to see through your eyes the need and the importance of where you have called us, even in the seemingly little things in this life Amen.



Duane Cragun


(Photo Courtesey of Pixabay)