Ride The Wave God Brings

We have had a tremendous Fall season, and watching God move has been awesome. The Leaders and I took a great leap of faith, guiding our church toward a restart in the new year. We felt it was time to leave our current way of doing things and pursue a stronger focus on God, the Gospel, and Community outreach. We also decided to do this, we would need to step out of our over 100 year-old building.

It isn’t easy to say good bye to what is familar, beautiful, and comfortable. However, moving with God, and riding His wave is always exciting and joyous.

We are two weeks from our last service, where we will celebrate 160 years of ministry. We will begin our new focus in January. Then God blessed us with the outer structure of a building, for a drastic savings. It will be up far earlier than planned, likely by April. Then we will need to finish the inside. We also recieved unexpected donations.

After the leadership accepted the offer one of leaders told me the following.

I have the chills. I really believe that it’s undeniable that God’s hand is in this process. We’ve been trying hard to work within reason with goals and estimated costs and a budget that was non-existent at the beginning of all this. And it’s like he just gently set us aside to watch what he can do, beyond all reason.

That’s riding the wave God send. I’ve told several people along this journey that I don’t have all the answers. However, I step out in faith. I keep thinking of the children of Israel, and the early Church. God invited each group onto an awesome journey. And, yet neither group really knew what the end would be.

I would rather move in faith and see God move, as the Early Church did. The alternative would be dying in a desert, in a lack of faith, as the generation of Moses.

May God bless us all to step out and ride God’s waves when they come. May we see and know it’s His move and move with Him.

– Blessings on the Journey