Jesus Found?

This newest in a line of documentaries and so called discoveries is not new at all. Stories against the resurrection and life of Jesus came out even at the beginning of the Christian Church. The Bible itself says that guards were bribed to say that someone stole the body. The truth is that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again. In fact even this discovery is not new, as it is said to have come from over twenty years ago. It falls after a two year period of the Da Vinci Code fade, which promoted very similar tales.

The fact is that Satan has always been at war with the truth of God. He has tried to discredit our faith since it began. We must remember, as the Apostle Paul warns in Ephesians, that our war is not against the people of this world, but against the powers of the Spiritual world. We must be in the full armor of God to stand firm on the faith we have been given in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our World.

We must remember too, that over five hundred eyewitness are said to have seen Jesus in the New Testament . These eyewitnesses heard Him speaking, ate with Him, touched Him, and lived with Him for a time, after the crucifixion and resurrection. We must keep going back to the Bible and holding on to the truth give to us there. This is our only standard and guard against the lies of the world.

– Keep holding on in your Journey with Jesus


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